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No wifi on 4s

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
My daughter's iPhone 4S rec'd as Christmas present last year and updated to iOS 7.04 has no wifi access, Bluetooth does not start (spinning wheel), and wifi address listed as N/A. Have tried resetting network settings, airplane mode is off, restarted phone. All to no avail. What are my options if any?

The Best Answer

When a major update occurs like going from iOS 5 the iOS 6 or iOS 6 to 7 it can bring out an underlying hardware issue.
Using the link below will allow you to see if her device is still covered by it's limited warranty or AppleCare.
If it is still covered by Apple and there is a hardward issue, great! Service can be set up right away.
If repair service is needed and it's not covered by Apple check to see if you purchased third party insurance/protection plan.
An out of warranty repair for an iPhone 4S in the US is $199 plus tax. It can be set up at an Apple Store (, by speaking with an AppleCare advisor over the phone (, or at an Apple Authorized Service Provider (