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No RemoteApp, No Virtual Desktop, I just need a connection to computers to work

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am supporting someone who has changed from an SBS 2003 computer to Server 2008 R2 Standard and they want the same functionality that they had with Remote Web Workplace, which is supposed to be doable with RD Web. They don't need RemoteApps and have no
interest in Virtual Desktops. However I just haven't been able to get it up and running and I can't find anything on TechNet or anywhere else that helps since he needs what is considered a non-standard installation. It's a small office. They can't justify
a second computer and don't want to add memory and disk space to make it possible to run a VM, though the
main problem is that they can't live with the downtime it would take for the conversion. For that reason, though Microsoft hates the idea, it needs to work on a DC. Between that and the singular focus Microsoft apparently has on RemoteApps
and Virtual Desktops there is very little anywhere on my problem.
I can get to the RD web web page just fine. An RDP on the RemoteApp page will take me to the server just fine. A remote connection on a Windows 7 client outside of the office lets me connect to the server. But if I choose the Remote Desktop tab on the web
page and enter a computer name that I know is configured to allow remote access and is up and running it will try to connect for a while and then pop up with the (in)famous "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:"
message. What's really strange is that this happens even if I enter the server name, the same computer that I successfully connect to using two other methods. I also notice that the resources available to the Windows 7 client that is successfully connecting
to the server only lists 1 desktop.
In addition I keep getting this warning popping up even though I do have the correct server configured as running the RemoteApp service because since I'm only running the one server I'm not running the RD connection broker.
"RD Web Access was unable to contact <servername>, which is the server that is specified as running the RemoteApp and Desktop Connection Management service. Ensure that the name of the server that is specified as running the RemoteApp
and Desktop Connection Management service is entered correctly, and that the server is running and available on the network. Error code: 1722."
I've been working on this for many days now and just can't get this working.

The Best Answer

The RD Web Access server and the RD Session Host server are the same computer. The source specified is the internal FQDN name of the server
computername.domain_name.local. I also tried setting it to localhost since it is on the same server and it made no difference. Reading the article you linked to I see that everything on there I have checked and the server is configured properly.
The Remote Desktop Services role is installed with the Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Licensing, Remote Desktop Gateway and Remote Desktop Web Access role services installed.
The Best Practices Analyzer keeps showing that the RD Gateway server is not configured to use a valid SSL certificate even though I do have a third party SSL certificate properly installed. It also says that the Remote Desktop Users group on the RD Session
Host server needs to contain domain users even though it already does have them.
As I said in my original post it seems very strange that I can successfully connect to the server using two different methods but the method of going to the Remote Desktop tab on the RD Web main page and entering the server name doesn't work.