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No Itunes and Iphoto

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Okay, this is what happened to me. Upgraded to SL, and the hard drive crashed. No problem though since everything is backed up. Now, I am up and running SL and I do a migration of the old data. No photos in Iphoto and no music in ITunes. I have read a lot of threads but I am really unsure of what to do. I know that all my songs and photos are on the external drive, I just can't get my computer to bring them up. Suggestions?

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coffeehouseblues wrote:
Okay, so I did log myself out and logged in under the old account. It worked. But now my question is, is that other account updated to SL?
you whole computer is running Snow leopard. an account is just an account. you don't upgrade individual accounts.
And is there a way to get the photos and music to the new account? I am all really new to this stuff.
you can but there is no automated way to do that. you'd have to do it all by hand and it's pretty unpleasant. that's why i asked when you did the migration. it's by far the best to do it during the original computer setup before you created any accounts so that you are not facing the problem of combining different user accounts later.
do you really have a lot of data in the new account? if not it would be best to use the migrated account instead of trying to move things around.