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No items selected (see long text)  Message No: MSITEM033

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hi Sapiens,
I am trying the command (FS10N) to display the Balance, bal is displayed afterwards and then when I am just clicking the balance for one of the month I am getting the message as follows :
"No items selected (see long text)"  Message No: MSITEM033
No line items meeting your selection criteria could be read. This could be for the following reasons:
1.) No corresponding items have been posted.
2.) You are not authorized to display this data.
3.) The items have already been archived.
Thank You in Advance

The Best Answer

Hi Madhu,
Possible symptoms:
1.  The system does not generate any line items and/or open items.
2.  The field SKB1-XLGCLR is filled with '/'.
3.  You transfer G/L account master data to different company codes
     using transaction FS15 (program RFBISA10).  During the direct
     transfer with the "Update File Immediately" option, the system
     issues error message FH 700:
     Field '': Enter ' ' or 'X'
4.  When you process the batch input session that was created by the
     program RFBISA00 or RFBISA10, the system issues error message 00 349
     "Field SKB1-XLGCLR does not exist in the screen SAPMF02H 0110".
please see the solution from the attached note 1323960:
steps 2-6:
2.  Generate the program RFBISA02 using the program RFBISAG0:
3   Generate the program RFBISA11 using the program RFBISAG1:
4.  Generate the program RFBISA52 using the program RFBISAG1:
5.  Generate the include using the program
6.  For symptom 1 or 2 only:
I hope I could be of assistance.
Kind regards,