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No auto-connect on start-up or restart (iMac)

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Just an update on my problem. I too had problems with auto-connect to my network router after sleep, due to download of update 10.7.3. Worked with Apple Tech Support and local Apple Store to resolve problem - Tech Support representative and FAQ contributors alerted me to the availability of latest WIFI Update, which I downloaded and installed. Update DID resolve auto-connect problem for my system's "awake-from-sleep" mode, BUT it then began a SPORADIC no-connect problem upon startup and restart. I've reported this problem to the Tech Support representative, and she said she would alert the appropriate system teams of this problem.
I'm no software expert, but I believe the problem may be tied, in some way, to that part of the OS that triggers not only network card drivers, but also Bluetooth connectivity, clock activation, and any other sub-system icon displayed in the upper-right corner of the desktop. While I can manually connect to the network, and have the connection work without dropping, it will NOT connect automatically - sometimes - upon startup and restart. It WILL work automatically upon awaking from sleep. It tries to find the network signal during startup/restart, but doesn't always connect.
I'm thinking that if it was the drivers, themselves, for the network card that were, in some way, corrupt or incorrect, the system wouldn't connect at all ... (???)
Anyway, it's working a little better - but it's still not fully-operable; and I'm still looking for a permanent fix from Apple. I have a feeling that one of the reasons why Apple is bringing-out Mountain Lion so soon after Lion's advent is to possibly resolve some of the problems and "quirks" folks are having with Lion. I know I've experienced other little problems since upgrading to Lion that I'm simply living with, knowing that sooner or later, a fix will be forthcoming - either by patch, update, or a new OS ...
- Chris

The Best Answer

Some additional input - Just received a call from "John", Apple Tech Support, asking me to do two things in an attempt to resolve my connectivity issues.
(1) Upon start-up, wait a minute or two to see if the network finally locks-in automatically, vice manually selecting the network connection. There may be some "priorities" being addressed via the OS wrt/ Bluetooth connections for the keyboard and mouse, that may prevent a faster lock-on by the network components. He says this sometimes manifests itself upon start-up and occasionally on restarts for some systems. It may be that, for some system configurations, Bluetooth components experience some minor interference from telephone systems or routers placed adjacent to these component locations - and since these components have "priority", system-wise, it may further delay network connectivity as well.
(2) Drag-out an old USB keyboard (and mouse), disable your Bluetooth access, and use them in place of the wireless keyboard and mouse to see if it results in a more-positive result for network connectivity upon start-up and restart.
Naturally, I'll give it a try, and see how it works. Told John I'd let him and Josie (another Apple Tech Support representative) know how it's working in a couple of weeks.
Really appreciated his call - very nice of him to follow-up. I'll let you-all know how it works ...

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