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New Time Capsule interferring with internet signal

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
My previous setup works perfectly.  This previous setup is as follows:
older 1 TB TC connected to Bell 2Wire modem/router (2701HG-G in bridge mode)
Ethernet connection to iMac (2014 running Yosemite) works well
WIFI throughout the rest of the house works perfectly
When I swap the older TC with my new 2TB TC, the internet signal is no longer available.  Airport utility sees the Time Capsule, but indicates that there is no internet signal (the globe is amber).  The new time capsule is slowly flashing amber.  The Bell 2Wire still indicates it is receiving an internet signal (appropriate lights all green on the 2Wire).  I have rebooted everything multiple times.  IMac Network Assistant unable to assist.
So in summary, everything works until I connect the new TC.  When I disconnect it and reconnect my older TC, everything returns to normal and I have a functioning network.  How do I fix this so that I can use the new Time Capsule?

The Best Answer

No, you have one modem.. and one router in a network.. although you can fudge and have two routers.. and suffer double NAT as a result.. you cannot whatever you do have two modem.. that is impossible. As soon as you plug a second adsl modem into the phone line the first will stop working and the second can never start.
There is a half way solution .. if the 2wire offers DMZ, (by default it does but what Bell has done to it.. who knows).. You can double NAT but all packets are passed from modem router to the TC. it is not ideal but can help the worst of the double NAT effect.
But I think it is simply better to use the TC in bridge..
There is an alternative however which I use.. see the write up here.
Re: airport time capsule keeps disconnecting
This changes the TC from a dumb bridge to actually intelligent handling of the network.. but no routing. It will work well in my experience.
To get the express going you need to reset it to factory and start over.