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New MBP - wireless/internet access networking problem - a summary!

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
New MBP here, with all the trimmings (MacOS X 10.4.10 - Safari 3 Beta). New also to the Apple/MAC world
MBP >> wireless networking into a Linksys WRT54G router and >> thru HughesNet DW7000 Satellite Internet connection (not the fastest, but hey, the US and especially rural areas are NOT S. Korea when it comes to speedy internet connections!
Frankly, I bought into it for two reasons: First, hearing about the vaunted Mac a/v/ and doc/photo editing capabilities,... and about MacOS stability, etc... Well, it all needs a little work still: on the part of new users like me, but also probably on the part of the Apple/Mac people as well. 2nd reason I decided to purchase the MBP - i.e. ability to run Windows (I have not yet tried BootCanp, etc...: still resolving preliminary issues!). I still live in a heavy Win environment at my business - no other way of course!
Communications issues seem to still prevail: I am hanging out at several VERY HELPFUL forums (AppleDiscussionForum, MacRumorsForums, etc...) and the same issues keep popping up. Im my case, same as all above reported, with a few additional points, as follows:
1. Xmission errors: seem to be - at least in my case - a constant factor, regardless on how close/far i am from my wireless router. For example, I would be attempting to dwnload an upgrade (large)QT or MacOS file. i am barely into the dowmoad, and I already have several Read/Send errors. By the end of the download, I will have probably about 15 Rcv and 5 Send errors. Never gets quite that bad in my Win machines, I must mention. Anything to do here (I know, there are such things always affecting wireless com). AND, MOST importantly, how that this affect the effectiveness of the upgrade (I spotted same thing with MacOS 10.4.10 and Safari Beta 3 upgrade downloads!). Would it be likely that applying upgrades in such circumstances would screw up the OS??? Could OTOH such errors be automatically "compensated" by re-xmits from the source, and eventually the download would be OK? Because quite frankly, I do NOT know if my important upgrade download was OK to apply to the system, given those errors!!!
Also same thing with PING errors. Quite frequent when pinging another device on my network.
2. Quite often, accessing a site will proceed somehow OK, and then things will get stuck twd the end, as if some buffer somewhere gets overloaded??? Of course, as elsewhere reported, same can often happen with com getting stuck right over the "www" part of the URL!
3. AND, of course, the often reported "NO connection to the Internet", but computer shows good signal level and connection otherwise.
4. Strangely enough, seems that the Airport Extreme wifi card sort of "warms up the the internet" as one proceeds to start using it. It eventually picks up on a network, and often "improves" its connection over time!
5. Built in Airport Extreme seems to not exhibit up all immediately surrounding networks. Sensitivity issue?? iStumbler does.
6. iStumbler permanently posts noise level of 9% regardless of how close to my wireless router/broadband modem I am. Anyone uses iStumbler to monitor network traffic?
This is getting longuish: I just want to get over all those p*ant issues and get into putting my a/v stuff together!!
- Roger T
Thanks for just reading all this!. I am not sure it is all fixable (back to the Win "features" terminology, really meaning "bugs"??)

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Thanks, BDaqua. This support forum is quite well stocked: I have been perusing all its nooks and cranies!
On the - All things Mac - forum, I spotted a couple of mentions of the following type of infromation:
link: »
- The first TechNote provides information concerning the Airport problem affecting the MBP Santa Rosa (but also other Mac Intel). When used on battery, the wireless connection drops and one can even experience kernel panic. Apple Centers are asked not to exchange affected notebook as this is due to a unidentified bug in the Atheros driver, and should be fixed in the future with a simple Airport system update. So for the moment, unfortunate users are asked to directly power their notebook when using wireless network, or using Ethernet connection when running on battery... in other words, turn your notebook into a desktop
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I am wondering if you and folks on this close-to-Apple forum know anything about this. At least, we could just await remedy instead of messing around endlessly looking for solutions and... pondering as to whether it was a wise thing to purchase an expensive machine which happens to have trouble communicating online. After all, seems that the Mac folks are prone to spend MORE time online uploading/downloading music and videos instead of my being normally doing with the rest of my (Win) computers, i.e. work on customer lists, correspondence, inventories, accounting, data bases, etc....
So, seems to me we do have a pb and Apple might just save a few $$$ on silly ads and get to work on com instead. if nothing else to avoid the appearance of further - admittedly rather funny - ad-spoofs!
So back to your further inquiry. I run a wireless network from a HughesNet satellite modem, thru a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router, into some nearby office LANed desktops and point of sale equipment, to another neighbouring facility via wireless bridge, and to my Mac laptop. Distance from the laptop to the router: 50 ft max.
It all works surprizingly very well: up to 200kbps up and 1000 kbps down (in prime time, 150 up and 600 down). OK, my set up looks complex and incurring LOTS of activity. Actually, online activity is quite minimal and well scheduled - right now I am the only machine on the network online. Otherwise, our office processes online money wiring for customers among other things.
I'll try your DNS server choice on the Mac settings first. Will report accordingly.
Thanks for everything!
- Roger T