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New Macbook Pro 2011 - Keep freezing......

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Hi All,
My new macbook pro keep freezing from time to time......Even though I have updated the OS to 10.6.7, the problem still exists....
Anyone can help?

The Best Answer

If the "funny noise" was a clicking or clattering it is probably a failed or failing hard drive. No, I don't think it had anything to do with the update. I'm assuming the "funny noise" was not the sound of the CD/DVD drive waking up you hear each time your reboot. Does it still make the "funny noise?"
If it is now working, I can't tell from your post, you probably should make an appointment at an Apple Store to have it checked since it is new.
It is generally a good idea to empty the trash and repair permissions (using Disk Utility) before and after any update. You should have a copy of Onyx on your HD. The developer is very active so keep up with the updates. it is free. It's a good idea to follow the instructions.
If I could only have one heavy duty repair solution, it would be DiskWarrior which is available at most Apple Stores. The developer has been around since System 8 or System 9 days. DiskWarrior is $99.95 and considering it will repair problems that other utilities can't touch, it is a steal. I run DiskWarrior about once a month.
Finally, I would get AppleJack which only runs in Single User Mode. That means holding down the <Command> and <S> keys at startup. AppleJack makes it possible to run Disk Repair without having to boot from an external drive or using the install disks. Follow the instructions. AppleJack is free. A plus is you will get to see what is going on "under the hood" because Single User Mode is mostly just the Unix part of Mac OS. You will get to see what all computers looked like just a few decades ago.
Good luck