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Need help with multiclip

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Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Sometimes multiclip editing works almost perfectly, as it did today  Only dropped out of multiclip mode a couple times, but that may be normal operation after it has deposited a certain number of markers in the timeline.  Most of the time, it is very balky.  Sometimes I have no audio.  Most times though, clicking on a frame deposits a marker, but I don't see the switch--have to be sure and remember which source I chose last.  Often it may start working, but then drops out right away.  I have sometimes been able to fix the problems by restarting the multiclip several times.  Once in a while I have to restart Final Cut or even reboot the system. 
As far as I know all the settings are correct:  Open sync, multiclip playback enabled.  Is there something I am missing?

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What codec is the footage? What drive is it stored on? Connected how?
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