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Need help with k8n neo2 platinum

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I've just installed a new k8n neo2 platinum s939 board with a venice core 3200+ cpu the htt is 2000 and multiplier 10x.
I've gone to the core cell menu and set the htt to 4x (seemed to be this at default) and the max mem clock at 166 (more about this in a moment), the fsb will go quite easily up to 250mhz even 255mhz, but when I try 260 Mhz the machine when it reboots shows the initial slash screen but then goes to a blank screen with the cursor flashing in the top left hand corner, I can't even get back into the bios setup without clearing the cmos.
The odd thing is that the adjust cpu vid is showing a voltage of 1.50 and not 1.40 or startup.
Anyway with the fsb at 250mhz the bios screen is showing the Current ddr clock at 208 mhz ( not the max memclock setting of 166) the memory in the motherboard ( a crucial 512meg ddr333 single stick) seems to perform OK according to memtest which shows no errors after 2 cycles.
Any attempt to get to 260mhz fsb appears to fail even by upping the cpu vid to 1.525v unless i adjust the cpu voltage setting which by default is set to (by cpu vid) to +3.3%. Doing this enables me to get to fsb 260mhz but the memtest fails ( even when I set the max memclock to 133, which shows my current ddr speed at 174mhz, well below the 208mhz which appeared stable with the fsb at 250mhz?)
So firstly why are there two cpu voltage settings in the bios when my manual only shows 1 (there is no mention of this cpu vid setting?
How is it that my memory is stable at 208mhz with a fsb of 255mhz but unstable at 174mhz with the fsb set at 260mhz?
Why does the memory clock lock not appear to be working, the memory should be fixed at 166mhz but infact increases with fsb?
I have bios revision 1.5.
Please help as I am not familiar with the bios settings for this nforce 3 chipset, they seem rather odd to me. I'm sure my venice core 3200+ cpu can get beyond 250mhz fsb, I have another pc with a venice core 3000+ cpu which runs quite happily at 270mhz fsb.
PS I've tried reducing the htt to 3x but the same thing happens.

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OK further feed back, I can get to over 260mhz fsb but the system is not stable the memory runs OK with mem test but I have problems with prime95.
I had to up the cpu core voltage to 1.53v to get to 260mhz using the cpu voltage setting in the bios and setting a 5% increase. increasing the cpu vid setting to 1.55v did not seem to do anything at all the core voltage was still at 1.43v.
I upped the mem voltage to 2.6v from 2.5 but still could not get the system to be stable, it may be that the memory is holding the system back but I don't want to pay for better memory at the moment. Unless anyone has got any other ideas it looks like I may be forced to settle with 250mhz, well still a 500mhz increase maybe not that bad. I've now to try 3d benchmarking using my radeon 9600xt and 3dmark 03.
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