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My secured .pdf in not secure :-(

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Trying to secure and pdf flyer with form fields.  Want the flyer to be free to open, but need to secure the form fields. Password encrypted the file, with a master password, with print high res, and fill form field fill-in or signing.  Re-entered the password when promted, saved the file, and closed.  When opening the file, the form fields are fillable without a password or password prompt.  The file when opened says (Secured) What am i doing wrong?

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I'm not entirely sure what page turning has to do with security of one's electronic assets, although a pretty utility.
Captivate movie and interactive content, I'm sure is a fun thing to add and can also add pizzazz, but in my mind, has little to do with protection of assets, which is the topic of this thread.
The initial topic is about securing electronic assets to prevent passing magazines and books off to others for free or to have someone able to copy text from a PDF to another program and using it in their own, so easily. A time-based expiration date does in no way protect from pirates and the "freebees."
Our clients would not tolerate purchasing (we do non-fiction historical publications) a time-sensitive document.
"That way the copiers will simplly virally market your content for you!" for free?" is, no doubt, great for some markets, but neither for those seeking to make a living from the SALE and PROTECTION of said electronic asset; nor appropriate.
Your "out of the box" thought is good for another kind of e-books, but not for this particular thread.