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My HP freezes at the HP startup screen.

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Okay, so recently I ran windows mandatory updates and allowed my computer to download them and such.  However, upon resetting my computer for the downloads to take affect, my computer froze at the HP logo screen and it won't go any further than that.  I'll list below the troubleshooting steps I've already taken to attempt to solve this problem.
-I tried going into bios, but because it freezes at the start-up screen, I'm unable to access bios.  I also noted that all of my USB drives are now unresponsive.
-I tried running the computer without the hard drive connected to it.
-I tried running the computer without the memory cards slots connected to it.
-I replaced the CMOS battery on the motherboard
-I manually tested all of my ram sticks to see if one of them was corrupted
-I also manually tested all of the ram ports to see if something was wrong there
-I tried resetting my bios by using the pins on the mother board and moving around the jumpers.
-I tried running a boot disk as well as an operating system disk, but neither of them seem to read because they just freeze at the HP start up screen.
-I also tried a USB with an operating system ISO to see if it would boot from that but it doesn't seem to respond to that either.
-I tried booting without the hard disk drive also
I'm honestly not really sure what I should do anymore.  I was on the phone with microsoft for 2 hours last night and they concluded that they haven't the slightest idea what's wrong with it.
My computer:
HP pavilion HPE series model 1010t
6 GB ram default + 8GB hyper X ram stick
1 tb HD
radeon 6670 graphics card
intel i5 quad core
IPISB - CH2 motherboard
If there's any other info you need, just ask.  Thanks for the help everyone!

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Lollogan1019, welcome to the forum.
This is the problem with installing more than one driver at a time.  It is difficult to know which driver or software update is causing the problem.  For this reason, I normally install them one at a time.
Here is a guide that will help you find out which updates were installed.  If you look at the video link, you will see in the upper left corner under "Control Panel Home" where it says "View installed updates".  You can then uninstall the the latest ones that were installed one at a time to see if that solves your problem.
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