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My first name has been changed to my housemates his to mine

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I found this to be the case when I logged into Apple Developer this past week ( it did not accept my original gmail account and password)
So I logged in with my 1 & only Apple ID.
Due to the screw up in Apple Developer, I checked that my name was correct here in,  Apple disc..umm  support communities, both my info ,
on my settings as well as in itunes is correct and so is Kes's.
But now in this change over my profile has me as Ed C -  I'm not Ed C, and  he is not Mia,  he's my housemate, true  we have the same address but goodness how can an apple developers error reach all the way here especial;ly after I emailed them for help.
We both have our correct surnames.
Can anyone please help me (us) sort this out. we are not who they say we are here I think this should be corrected here in this new apple support  site, these aren't our usernames these are our real names -  I don't think anyone should be privy to changing them.
I'm showing my name in my settings,  his is not as his not thrilled to be called Mia or to try to navigate here at the moment.
I'd really appreciate your help or suggestions, please note dumping my apple id is not an option, I've always only had one and I have a MBP
that needs to be picked up under the same apple id.
Kind regards,
Mia / Eme

The Best Answer

Hi Eme,
I've used the Report Abuse link to try get you both some help:
Colin R.
PS It really should be renamed to Report a Problem.
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