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My color replacement tool isn't working

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How can I get it to work?

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I have a Mac, i'm using photoshop elements 11. Everything is working, i think, apart from the lasso tool. It appears on the screen when i click on it, but it won't lasso any area. The other problem is that when i pinch on my trackpad to enlarge or make an area smaller on an image, it won't stop zooming or shrinking, if that makes any sense? My husband put Yosemite software on last night, but to be fair we think the track pad was playing up before. Any ideas would be great. thank you. I'm not techy at all!!
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    I am using adobe photoshop  CS5, when I use color replacement tool it replace color with its own choice not mine and I have visited many blogs but no solution Please contact me at: [ links removed by admin ] I shall be very thankful  This is picture

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    Hi guys! I have a huge problem with my new photos hope cs6, it doesn`t have a Color replacement tool button, I mean this Icon In addition I searched category under brush tools but it doesn`t exist Just I have color replacement in Image > Adjustment>

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    I'm usuing PS CS5 in Windows 7 and I have a picture of a cat with a pupil that is a very pale yellow, parts of it get close to white.  I have seen tutorials for fixing redeye with  the color replacement tool.  Select the proper replacement color (bla

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    Searching the web reveals that there is a lot of bad talk about recent changes to Color Replacement tool compared to previous versions of PSE. And what the PDF help says is next to useless. This tool does **not** do what you intuitively think it woul

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    Sample Once or Background Swatch options in Color Replaceent Tool toolbar are missing. In fact I cannot find anything about these options in any other places (menus etc.) except the help file. I am using the tryout version of version 7.0? Is this a b

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    I opened a B/W jpg file, converted it to CMYK.  I have followed the directions from a few Color Replacement tool Help, etc.  I can't get it to work.  Converting Black to a lighter color, shows up very dark when it works, which is sporadic.  Very frus

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    I am trying to use the color replacement tool to change the color of a shirt on a picture.  I have choosen white as the foreground color, but when I go to paint it comes out grey.... I tried using colors from the swatch and the same thing is happenin

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    I am trying to remove some sparkling from hair in an image.  I am attempting to use the Color Replacement Tool.  However, I am not having success, and I don't know why. The hair is a dark greenish color, which I used the eyedropper to sample as the f

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    I use Photoshop CS on a Mac G4 (PPC), OS X 10.4.11. I have hit a most peculiar problem. I have used the Color Replacement Tool successfully for some time. Suddenly, the colour that it puts into an image as a replacement for an existing colour has got

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    Hi, I am using photoshop CS3 in 10.6.2. The color replacement tool is not a tool I have much experience with, but am wondering why it won't work at all. I have reset the tool to its default preferences and tried using it on multiple documents and wit