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MX DataGrid Footer row working in FB 4.5

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Can someone please provide a sample of having a footer row for mx datagrid working in FB 4.5?

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Thanks for the info rangora!
I am trying to work with a tutorial creating a mobile twitter app
( -trends/build-first-mobile-flex-app.pdf)
Following the tutorial:..
Trying to connect  the data service with the url he gives (
returns 404 not found... URL changed since tutorial was made maybe? I dont know?
So went to twitter here ( and used this
and was connected via flashbuilder test. ok good.
The tutorial has me set the name of the app in the properties dialouge under common as "twitter trends" then
continue on,  and set debug configurations then run.
The app never connects..... and allways shows.. "Home View" as the title.??( I named the app twitter trends in the wizaed setup and in properties )
I am sure you can tell by now I am new to  flash builder!
Also Red Circle with X in gutter.. shows within the view file's source page,  (not the application File) stating---   "Cannot resolve attribute 'viewActive' for component type spark.components.View". this occurs after trying to insert  viewActive="refresh()"  into the <s:view> tag,  in which the tutorial calls for this to be done to refresh the page view when using the "back control" in the app.(switching views)
4.5 returns red X error saying.. parse error.. must be inside <fx:declaration> tag...  so I put it in there,  and
4.5  returns error ... cannot follow <s: callresponder>.(which is inside the declaration tag) so I moved it between the </fx:script tag>
and the <fx:Declarations> tag> and still the same error is not inside the declarations tag anymore and still in the s:view tag's scope, just lower in the page.
hoping to find some kind of answer to this.
"just trying to learn"
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