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Music vanished from library after restart

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
Hi, normally, I’m using the Android App, but for organizing the music library I’m using the Windows application. The problem not related to any specific Spotify application, I tried all devices. If I add new music to my library (artist is “Dry Kill Logic” in this case) it shows up in my collection. I can play the songs and everything is fine. After I restart the application (or just wait some time) all but 4 songs vanish from my collection completely. This is very annoying, because I’m unable to listen to the music without going navigating through the artist’s page. The contact support page redirected me to this board. So I’m seeking for help here. Cheers

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I had a similar issue with my iPhone, I deleted some listened to podcasts and my whole library vanished. I connected my iPhone to a friends computer and even though I did not synced my iPhone it looked like iTunes repaired the library and all the music came back.
Have checked if the iPad storage is full and how many songs the iPad says it has on it. Go to Settings, General, About to see amount of used space and number of songs on the device.
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    Hi, normally, I'm using the Android App, but for organizing the music library I'm using the Windows application. The problem not related to any specific Spotify application, I tried all devices. If I add new music to my library (artist is "Dry Kill L

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