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Music transfer from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s?

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I'm having trouble transferring my music from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s.  Here's what I tried.  I backed up the iPhone 4 and then plugged in the newly activated iPhone 4s and restored it as a backup.  When the iPhone 4s finished restoring, only photos and settings had transferred.  The apps began transferring, but my music was no where to be found.  The iPhone 4 is set to manually manage music and video.  It was also running iOS 4.3.3.  Is iOS 5 required on both phoens to restore data from one phone to another?  Would the software difference explain why the music and contacts did not transfer?

The Best Answer

You can backup the 4, erase all content and settings on the 4S (reverting it to a "new" state), then set it up and tell it to restore from iTunes using the backup made of the 4. I know that if you are syncing music, this will set it up with the same media on the phone. I don't manually manage music, so I don't know if it will definitely do this under those circumstances. It sounds like it doesn't.
Syncing does NOT mean you have to transfer EVERYTHING in your library to the phone. It's fairly simple to selectively sync playlists, artists, genres, specific podcasts, etc.