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Multiple managed libraries: facebook issues (photos disappear)

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I reorganized my aperture libraries by moving projects to their appropriate library from my "working" library. Unfortunately, I published facebook albums from the working library. After I moved the projects to the appropriate library and trashed the corresponding project in the working library, many of my facebook albums have become empty.
What's going on here?
Would it be a good idea for Aperture to have facebook albums be part of a project (and travel with the project)? Why are they their own separate high-level thing?

The Best Answer

Hi all. I am reading this post and thinking why would you want one huge library. I'm going through a nightmare right now with a corrupted massive library that houses my family's memories.
I had several time machine back ups. But it is only good as the data backed up. If corrupted then the backup has corrupted data. Garbage in, garbage out.
So I guess I'm asking. If you have 50k pics. Ranging, for example, from years 2005-2012. In all one library. When you open up iphoto to work with current pics, why stress it out to also bring in 5 years of pics that you probably almost never use.
Trust me. I love having all the pics at my disposal too.
But I've learned over the last two days that this seems like a huge risk.
If you have say 7 libraries ranging from 2005-2012. One of them gets corrupted. Only one gets corrupted ;)
The others are probably fine.
This whole rebuild and repair = totally worthless in my opinion. It not only didn't fix it, but it some now mysteriously added pics i previously deleted (like months ago)and rearranged other events. My library is totally shot. If I had several libraries I would be dealing with a disaster on a much smaller scale.
I also tried to rebuild with iPhoto library manager. Didn't work.
I'm a complete novice. But I'm sold on multiple libraries.
And for what it is worth, I spoke to a few apple senior techs. They told me they don't recommend libraries more than 40-50 gigs? Certainly not over 100 gigs.
Anyway I admit.... Part of me is also venting ;)