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Multiple devices with the same GUID

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
According to the Zenworks Command line utilities reference
There exists an option to register a device with a new GUID by doing the following...
register (reg) [-g] [-k <key>] [-u <username> -p <password] <ZENworks Server addressort>
Registers the device in a Management Zone.
You can use the following options:
g - Lets you create a new device object with a new GUID and password for the device if you have multiple devices with the same GUID. When you register a device by using this switch, all the associations (policies and bundles) assigned to the original device object are removed. You cannot use this option to create a new GUID for a Primary Server or a Satellite device. The local user must have Local Administrator rights to use this option.
I would like to know if it is possible to have such a command line option for the agent installation. So built into the agent installer, a command line option to force the agent to register with a new GUID.
We are having CONTINUOUS problems with the above scenario. When we move devices from one computer lab to another and re-image the device, Zenworks keps trying to assign the same GUID to the device and this mixes up our Dynamic Workstation groups, which then affect the applicable policies to each device.
I would like to know if there is an option to tell the installer to stop remembering the GUID and simply register the device with a new guid on agent installation.
This way we can build that into the post imaging scripts which install the zenworks agent.

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Hi Craig,
OK, I've had a look at the ZCM Reconcile rules and run a few tests to see if it is possible to get the machines not to reconcile (use a new GUID after imaging).
As I have explained before, sometimes this result is desired in our case especially when we move machines around from lab to lab.
So far, no matter what configuration I use, I cannot get Zenworks to generate a new GUID for a device that is getting re-imaged (without doing so only after the fact by unregistering the machine and reregistering the machine via the zac und and zac reg -g).
We use dynamic workstation groups to assign policies and bundles to machines so reconciling the devices is not necessary most of the time. We need an option to tell the machine to register with a new GUID on installation of the agent. Surely such an option can be built into the agent installer?
The options in the ZCM config management "reconcile settings" I tested with are:
Serial Number - Unticked/Unselected
Mac Address - Unticked/Unselected
Machine Name - Unticked/Unselected
Enable Differentiation - Unticked/Unselected
I then also tested:
Serial Number - Unticked/Unselected
Mac Address - Unticked/Unselected
Machine Name - Ticked/Selected
Enable Differentation - Ticked/Selected
and also:
Serial Number - Unticked/Unselected
Mac Address - Unticked/Unselected
Machine Name - Ticked/Selected
Enable Differentation - Unticked/Unselected
With all three different configurations, I re-imaged the same machine, which renames the machine via the first post imaging installation script to match the DNS name. Thereafter the Zenworks agent gets installed, which then renames the machine back to what it was registered into the Zenworks database with on first installation.
We need a method of telling Zenworks NOT to reconcile when we want it to. It should not reconcile every time and thereby rename the machine netBIOS name.
Is there any way to achieve this?
Originally Posted by CRAIGDWILSON
Quite Simple,
Let's say a HDD Dies and you replace it.
All you need to do is bring down an image and the machine will come back as it was with all the same WS and Device associations.
The same thing could apply if bringing in new Hardware.
If a new computer were to replace an old computer but the name stayed the same, everything could be automatic depending on the rules setup.
It is all a matter of how you tell ZCM to reconcile devices.
The Help in the ZCC under these items should explain how it works so you can setup your rules to meet your use cases.
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