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Multi-label desktops not starting (Solaris 10u9)

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I'm attempting to create a multi-label trusted JDS desktop setup, where each workspace is tied to a specific label, which is in turn associated with a specific zone. I'm starting out simple and just creating one label and one non-global zone. I'm able to have the zone autoboot, use "smc" to associate the zone with the label, and set a workspace to that particular label. However, the desktop does not show up in that workspace. All I get is a background with the color that I've assigned to that particular label.
I can start nautilus manually from within the zone after setting DISPLAY to ":0.0", and the desktop will show up in the workspace. However the desktop running in the global zone seems to use the same configuration files as the non-global zone (i.e. if I change the background in one workspace, the other changes as well). I'm also unable to use "gnome-panel" to run any apps in the non-global zone from the Launch menu.
I'm using Solaris 10u9. Seems like there is something rudimentary and simple that I'm missing. I've been at this for way too long and it's driving me nuts. Thanks for the help!

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Answers to your questions:
What zonename and label did you use for your non-global zone?test
Can you cat'n'paste your /etc/security/tsol/tnzonecfg ?global:ADMIN_LOW:1:111/tcp;111/udp;515/tcp;631/tcp;2049/tcp;6000-6003/tcp:6000-6003/tcp
Do you get the question about which level to use when you login? Yes. I'm logging in as root, which is at the ADMIN_HIGH level.
What rights does the user you are logging in with have in /etc/user_attr ?root::::auths=solaris.*,solaris.grant;profiles=Web Console Management,All;lock_after_retries=no;min_label=admin_low;clearance=admin_high
Lastly, did you edit /etc/security/tsol/label_encodings and verified that the zones are up and running properly?Yes, I've modified the label_encodings file as follows:
VERSION= MLS Configuration
name= TEST; sname= T; value= 10;
classification= t; all compartment combinations valid;
minimum clearance= t;
minimum sensitivity label= t;
minimum protect as classification= t;
Classification Name= Class;
Compartments Name= Comp;
Default User Sensitivity Label= t;
Default User Clearance= t;
label= Admin_Low; color= #bdbdbd;
label= t; color= red;
label= Admin_High; color= #636363;
Thanks for the response!
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