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Moving attached TM hard drive to networked server - how?

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Hi gang,
I have an external RAID array that holds my time machine backup (currently over 4TB of backups). It was attached directly to my MacPro. Now, I have moved it, and attached it to a headless Mac Mini in our server closet. The drive appears on the MacPro's list of available time machine drives, and when selected it goes into "Preparing Backup" mode. Unfortunately, when it comes our of preparation mode, it has an error stating that the drive has insufficient space (900 MB available, 4 TB required). Time machine obviously doesn't recognize the pre-existing backup in its new location, and wants to start the whole process again.
Is there a way to move a TM backup on an external hard drive to a new physical location on the network, and not have to start the backup from scratch?

The Best Answer

network backups work differently than directly attached ones. they use sparse bundles to store the backups and directly attached drives don't. so there is no way to continue your old backups when you move the drive and you need to start a new backup sequence. in this case you should erase the drive using Disk Utility. DO NOT try to delete the backups using Finder.