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Movie wont play on wifi

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
When I'm connected to wifi and try viewing a video, it says my server is incorrectly configured. When I turn off wifi and connect using 3G, it works fine. I'm wondering what settings on my router (Novatel MiFi 2200 through verizon)would I have to configure to resolve this problem. I can surf fine, no problems with video's on my computer (win7/chrome), and doesn't occur on a friends wifi using local cable broadband.

The Best Answer

Hey there.
Sorry your having trouble.
I use a Netgear Wifi router and i dont have any problems at all.
So im going to guess that its a firewall problem.
You can goto your firwal setting and make sure that netflix is allowed to use any port it wants to.
Oh but wait your using the netflix app on your iphone, not your PC Like me?
Well then its probably a router issue.
On my router you can go into internet explored and type an address and get inside the routers config program.
For my router its...
Then i type in my user name and password then i can config the router...
You might need to do that...
Im sorry i couldnt help you more...
PS : usually the router comes with a default username and password.
Mine was originaly...
user name was admin
password was password
I have since changed it but you might try that... or call your router provider and ask them, they should know...
good luck to you