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Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Dear Forum Users:
You might have noticed that we haven't been as diligent as usual in monitoring this forum over the past couple of weeks. There are a number of reasons for this - vacations, pressure to get the next release of Portal out, etc. We will continue to do our best to respond to forum questions, but I'd like to make a couple of suggestions for use of the forum that will help us all:
[*]Please search the forum before posting a question. Chances are high that your question has been asked before.
[*]Please be sure that your question is appropriate for this forum. Keep in mind that there are five Portal forums on different topics (PDK, Applications, Content Areas, Security, and General), plus a forum for Application Server questions.
[*]If another user has posted a question, and you know the answer, please go ahead and respond. Everyone will benefit if Portal product management can focus on the really hard questions, while the rest of you share your knowledge and experience on other topics. Many thanks to those users who have already made excellent contributions to the body of knowledge that is available here.
[*]If you have an urgent problem that needs immediate resolution, please log a TAR with Oracle Support in addition to posting your question.
We will continue to give the forum a high priority, and we appreciate your patience when we are not able to get to your questions as promptly as we would like. We also appreciate your ongoing support for Oracle9iAS Portal.
Best regards,

The Best Answer

Hello Ricardo,
It seems that you were able to establish the VPN tunnel.
Now, in order to see more from the office site, you need to make sure that on the office site the different permissions to access the resources you want are configured.
If you want to access your windows server through VPN, on the location of the windows server, you need to make proper configuration (firewalls, access list, IP assignments, etc, I don't know how is your network configured) to allow remote access (via VPN) to your server.
What I suggest is to go and check your network configuration where your windows server is located, and test again your VPN.
If you are still unsure of what to do, please provide me your network topology, that way I can point you in the correct direction in order to solve your problem
Alejandro Moncada
SBCD Engineer
[email protected]
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