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Mod_perl/Installing RT Request Tracker

Update:12-10Source: network consolidation
I'm trying to install RT Tracker on Mac OS X 10.5 following these instructions:
I don't want to build apache, I just want to install mod_perl running side by side w/ mod_php, is there any way to do that with out having to rebuild apache2?
If I do have to build apache2 where can I find the correct instructions for Mac OS X 10.5 with mod_perl and mod_php? --prefix=Darwin?
I would like to replace the existing installs if I have to rebuild, not too sure how to uninstall.

The Best Answer

We are attempting to install RT as well. Have you had any success? We are in the final stages, but cannot get the web server to run RT's mod_perl handler. Maybe between the two of us we can figure this out.
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