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Migrate from Crystal Reports to XMLP?

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We have a bunch of reports implemented with Crystal Reports and we are planning to migrate those reports to XMLP. Is that possible? Dose anyone has the same problem? What is the general process? I have no experience about XMLP before.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Tim,
Thanks for your reply, Yes, for the data we can utilize the query from the Crystal report. But after Crystal Reports get the data, it can do extra things on the data, such as applying some functions on the raw data. It can also define some Formula Fields out of the data. the Formula Fields can be placed in the reports too. The defination of Formula Fields can be very complicated involves a lots of operators include +, *, IF/THEN/ELSE, SELECT CASE, AND/OR, and so on, there could be some pre-defined function in also, here is one example of Formula Field definition(Notice that the definition can contain other Formula Field):
Dim EndDateCounted As DateTime
Dim StartDateCounted As DateTime
Dim Diff As Number
Dim EndDateParam As DateTime
Dim SummaryField As Number
If {@OnlineTime} <> 0 then
EndDateParam = DateAdd("s", 86399,{?EndDate})
EndDateCounted = dateadd("s",{timeDim.SECONDOFDAY} + {agentEvent.EVENTDURATION}, {dateDim.FULLDATE})
If {dateDim.FULLDATE}>= {?StartDate} and EndDateCounted <= EndDateParam then
SummaryField = {@OnlineTime}
If EndDateCounted > EndDateParam Then
EndDateCounted = EndDateParam
EndDateCounted = EndDateCounted
End If
If {dateDim.FULLDATE} < {?StartDate} Then
StartDateCounted = CDateTime({?StartDate})
StartDateCounted = dateadd ("s",{timeDim.SECONDOFDAY},{dateDim.FULLDATE})
End If
SummaryField = datediff ("s", StartDateCounted, EndDateCounted)
End If
Formula = SummaryField
End If
How can we achive the same thing using XMLP? Since Formula Fields are widely used in our reports. You said the data should be the simplest, dose it mean we calulate whatever we need in the query/extraction and feed the RTF with the final result using XML?