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Hi All,
I'm getting a "Labview crash in Memory Manager.cpp line 437" message. I followed the theads related to this error, but it seems to me I'm not in the situation there described. I'm not using Labview Real Time and I'm working with LV 8.6.1 professional development system + the dsc module. The operating system is XP over a vmware server.
My application is composed by several VIs running concurrently on two set of shared variables bound to a periodic I/O server and to an OPC server. One of the running VI periodically (every 3 hours) read the Citadel database to retrieve few arrays of data stored by the shared Variable Engine and plot them. The NI web server is enabled to allow the remote display (only snapshots) of some front panels.  
  The crash happens randomly, after hours of run and then it is quite  difficult to riproduce it. Due to the several VIs  running togheter,  I have no idea on that one is causing the problem.
So I'm here just to ask if some of you is getting a similar error and if exists a fix or a work around.
 LV log file does not tell me much more.  I copy it here below, hoping it can help.
Any suggestion is welcome !
#Date: mar 31 mar 2009 23.44.53
#OSName: Windows NT
#OSVers: 5.1
#AppName: LabVIEW
#Version: 8.6.1
#AppKind: FDS
#AppModDate: 12/10/2008 12:37 GMT
source\mgcore\MemoryManager.cpp(437) : DAbort:
$Id: //labview/branches/Saturn/dev/source/mgcore/MemoryManager.cpp#16 $
0x01539124 - LabVIEW <unknown> + 0
0x0063AE2A - LabVIEW <unknown> + 0
0x0C063A00 - <unknown> <unknown> + 0
0x0789D420 - <unknown> <unknown> + 0
0x00ADCE10 - LabVIEW <unknown> + 0
0x0008D8EC - <unknown> <unknown> + 0

The Best Answer

Hi Matteo,
thank you for the reply and the suggestion.
Yes, yesterday I built the executable of  one of the VI I believe could be the source of the problem.  This workaround seems to work, but, as I said,  the problem happens randomly, so .. we are still crossing  the fingers. 
Anyhow  this weakness of the memorymanager still remains, hoping somebody can in some way address the problem.
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