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May be to complex for project 2010

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My company recently purchased Microsoft project 2010 to track current jobs. We are becoming a large land surveying company with very large contracts. Each job could last a year or more and have about 12 task during that duration. Between each task we separate
from office and field work. My first question is, does this software allow us to account for task to be stalled for another task and then pick up where the last time it was stalled without changes in cost and hours, because we manually start and
end task and move back and forth. An example being we spend three days on one task in the field then we stall it to complete another task then start office hours then we start back where we left off on the first task maybe like 6 days after we stalled it.
We also track our jobs by miles; each mile has a list of task to complete. Is this software accommodate this problem or should stick with excel 2013.
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The Best Answer

Hi Neil,
You can definitely manage your activities with MS Project 2010. Here are some advice:
You cold use a task custom field to set task as "field" or "office" work, in order to group, filter and more generally organize activities and improve your project plan readability.
Then using the task usage view, you'll be in an "excel-like" mode, where you can start a task A for some days, stop it, then start it again after few days. The usage views allows you entering manually work on tasks in a timephased view.
this article from MPUG for more details.
Then concerning tracking jobs by miles, I'm not sure to understand it well. Either you can build your project plan's WBS based on your miles with all tasks to complete by miles. Another way would be to have miles as a task custom field. In case it is more
like "how many miles are required for this task?", you could create a material resource "mile" and manage it for each task.
Hope this helps.
Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS