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Mapping an iPod; selecting a device type / Norton Antirus quection

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am a new user to Network Magic.  I had not heard of the program until yesterday.
So far all the PC's have connected and confugured OK.  I have two issues / questions:
1) For the iPod, naming it is no problem but what Device Type should I select?
2) On one Dell PC, connected by wire to the router, Network Majic is not seeing the Norton Antivirus software and reports "Antivirus is not active", but it is.  Any idea on how to fix this?  Right now I have it set to ignore.
1) Network Magic Version installed: 5.5.9195.0-Pure0
2) Cable connection, Time Warner Road Runner
3) Brand of Modem:
4) Router: Linksys WRT54G; Firmware v1.02.0, Jan. 16, 2007
5) 2 computers wired, 1 laptop (wireless) and 1 iPod
6) Problem computer: iPod
7) All PC's use Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Pro on 1, Home on 2)
8) Norton Antivirus
9) Norton is active

The Best Answer

Has someone an idea how to get into the system of the iPod, that i am able to see what he is doing?
I already tried to works with XCode, but not able to connect to my device.
Also worked with the iPhone Utility, nevertheless a bit helpful.
Or a hint, how to destroy my actual firmware and to set up a new one, means setting up a completely (brand) new iPod like i bought it at the store?!
Support can not help me any more because my warranty is over ince 2 days.
Thank you