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Mail box font is TOO BIG (maverick OSX)

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
i sadly just upgraded to the new osX. all sorts of problems and as usual no simple chat to ask direct questions.
even though i got it from app store.  no chat options are showing... for me. apparently they are suppose to.
so maybe someone in the community can help me.
the FONT on the mailbox panel + the message listing panel, are TOO BIG. and no matter what i do in the properties under font, it has no impact.
the properities/font appears only to impact the email message itself.
I need to change the FONT back to what it was before i upgraded to maverick OSX from snow leopard. its way too big.
since upgrading to maverick OSX, the font in my browswer (firefox) is still OK. nothing apears to have changed.
but in the apple mail app - A MESS.
any clues?

The Best Answer

hi bee, thankyou for your trying to help, but unfortunately you missed a key word in my question. I am asking "mailbox" pane.
your answer is for the 3rd pane, the email message itself. i have no issue with that. properties has not changed in teh upgrade to maverick OS.
the 2nd pane (message listing) and 1st pane (listing of mailbox) HAS CHANGED in upgrade to maverick OSX.
what i learnt from apple support is:
pane 2: listing of what is in mailbox. -- was possible to change font in classic style. can continue to do this in maverick osx ONLY if you choose the option retain "classic style" under properties/view. else changing the setting in your screenshot has NO IMPACT in the new user interface.  so that in my book is bad coding. defect.
pane 1: listing of mailbox -- not possible.  and got uglier in maverick OS as now the font is even bigger. plain ugly and needs to be retified. i have about 10 mailboxes so all my screenspace is gone with just the mailboxes and requires scrolling to folders. boring....