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Macbook Not Reading Disc

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I went and purchased Microsoft Office 2011 to install on to my Macbook Pro, but once I insert my disc..the loading stalls. The icon doesn't show up on my desktop and I've always ended up going to Disk Utilities to eject my disc.
Is there a problem with my disc drive or do I just need to get it cleaned?

The Best Answer

The same has happened to me recently with "MS Office 2011".
At the same time, I had also bought from an Apple Store copies of: "Things" on CD and "iLife 11" on DVD. "iLife 11" installed but "Things" did not - it stalled exactly as the "MS Office 2011" does. I then recalled that I had bought "Bento 3" some months before and that had failed to appear on the desk top when I tried to install it. I got the Bento folk to provide me with an online download on that occasion as I thought the problem was with the disc.
Movies on DVD work just fine.
So it seems that Apple (DVD) installation discs work just fine - but other installation discs (CD and DVD) don't.
I've been reading the threads on the message boards and about the problems with superdrives on MBPs. I'm going to give the compressed air, the disc cleaner, and the resetting the PRAM options ago. I've already reset the permissions using the Disk Utilities - with no effect.
If those fail, I'll be asking the Geniuses at Apple what to do and I hope they will come up with a decent answer why Apple software installs but other companies' software doesn't.
After that the next step will be a request for a refund for "Things" and "MS Office 2011".