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Hi everyone,
My Mac Pro early 2009 won't start. Mac Pro early 2009, 8 core, Intel Xeon. 4 hard drives. Radeon video card  4870 512MB. Memory : 14GB
I've changed the power supply with a new one, cleaned all the dust, unplugged the Radeon video card, the fans, the processor tray, the DVD drive. Reinstalled everything.Replaced the battery button.
After a while, it started, not right from the first attempt.
I've plugged all the 4 disks, keyboard and display.
Mac OS Yosemite check everything and said the memory is not set correctly : one of 4Gb Dimm was not in the right slot and one isn't found. I shutdown. I tried another memory configuration and restarted. Another memory warning appeared about the slots. I shutdowned, remove my 4Gb dimm and started again with 6x1Gb memory set. The computer started perfectly well and ran for 1hour.
Then it shutdowned without notice. The inside was very hot.
I let the Mac Pro cool down with a fan nearby.
Then all the attempts to restart it failed.
I took all the parts away again and tried to analyse the problem. While pressing on the motherboard button an orange led shown, just one : 3v stby
When I plug the power supply to the motherboard, a red light shown for one second near the power button.
The motherboard is 2 years old, already replaced since I've bought the computer. I noticed 2 rusted (silver colored) square components in the middle of the motherboard.
I live in a tropical island, the air is warm and humid. No air con. No Apple store within 3.000km
Who can help me found how to fix this issue ? Thanks for your time !

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Troubleshooting: My computer won't turn on
If no joy, remove anything and everything that may be dragging down the power, in hopes of getting a chime. This includes graphics card, any other PCI cards, all drives, and some say all but a minimal amount of memory. Look for the chime.
If you get the chime, you can build slowly up from there. Add back graphics card and keep going. Add back memory and keep going. Add back DVD reader and boot from Installer/Utilities DVD or run the Apple Hardware Test. And so on.
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