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Mac Mini doesn't start up

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Hi All
after i installed an firewire-usb-hub my macmini doesn't startup. i deinstalled the hub but nothing going on. after press the power-button the startsound play and then the grey bootdisplay but no loadersymbol.
please can someone help me?
PS: sorry, my english is very bad

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OK I see. So you get the purple screen, but it doesn't show any boot volume.
Since you do have an Option key on your keyboard, I assume that it is an Apple keyboard (if it isn't, please specify which keyboard it is). Does it communicate with your Mini via USB or Bluetooth ?
You could always try to boot off your Install disc instead of your hard disk, by pressing on the C key instead of the Option key (after inserting the CD, and shortly after startup). Another way of doing this would be to get to the purple screen, insert the CD, click on the "around arrow" (the "refresh" icon) and select it as a boot volume (if possible). However, I think we need to figure out what prevents the mouse from functioning (in this case, from moving) first.
I've never tried that hub (the Belkin), but it's always good to know what hardware is involved in the issue.
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