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LPT port access

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I am in a project in which i try to send signal via LPT port and through which control the speed of a dc motor
I want know...if it is possible to do with java..& how?????
plz..reply. : )

The Best Answer

Take a look at  Basically you are going to need a simple device driver to take control of the port from the system supplied driver. 
Think carefully about your design, parallel ports are going away, I did a driver like the one above as part of a package for a client, the other half of the package was support for a USB parallel port, so they could support their device even if the legacy
port was not present.
Don Burn Windows Driver Consulting Website:
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    I am in a project in which i try to send signal via LPT port and through which control the speed of a dc motor I want know...if it is possible to do with java..& how????? plz..reply. : )Take a look at

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