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Loyalty Management - Redemption Process

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Dear Experts,
I'm a bit confused with the Loyalty Management redemption process with Partnership. Would appreciate if you could clear my thoughts.
We have this process where currently, when a customer buys a product from a retail partner, the customer earns point and the points are deducted from the partner point account. However, when the customer redeems points (eg: using points to purchase a product from the partner), does the points actually being return back to the retail partner? Because at the moment i do not see how this works. My assumptions are one of the following options below:
1) When customer redeems point, a membership activity is created. At the same time, a partner activity is also created. Points are deducted from the member's account, but at the same time, points are added into the partner's membership account. This would mean we have to create a Membership for a Partner. Does this makes sense?
2) At the end of the month, a report will be pulled out to see the number and total amount of redemptions by customer for that particular retailer/partner. We will then create a credit memo request seperately to settle the amount with the partner
3) Or for every customer redemption, eg: customer redeems a packet of drink for 100 points, then credit that 100 points back into the Partner Point Transaction. But how is this being done? Currently the system only auto deduct the partner point transaction for customer's point earning

The Best Answer

Hi Pradeep,
Please refer to the help file for more information.
Hope this helps.