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LOV in the table column

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have a LOV in the table column. I want to disable/enable the LOV on the basis of the values of other column.
How can i do that?
My JDeveloper version is

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Thanks for your reply.
I found the problem, now it is working.
Previosly i was using readonly parameter in the selectOneChoice list like
readOnly="#{bindings.EnabledFlag.inputValue eq 'ACTIVE'}"
but when i changed this like
readOnly="#{row.EnabledFlag eq 'ACTIVE'}"
Then it worked. Because previously it was comparing the value of EnabledFlag of the selected row.
That is why all the rows are gettting enabled or disabled by the changing of the selected row depending upon the value of the EnableFlag.
Thanks anyways for the help
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