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Local storage not available

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I am trying to create a non-clustered server pool with a single VM server 3.1.1, using Manager also at 3.1.1.
So far I've created a Server Pool and added the discovered server to this pool.
The next step would be to create a repository on this server by going to Repositories tab, add a repository and click the "physical disk" radio button. At this point I am able to select the desired Server Pool.
However, I don't see any available disks to choose as the repository - only blank combo boxes:
This looks to me like a wrong window, since the label is for a san server and not a physical disk array or something along those lines.
The internal server disks are arranged in a raid configuration and a single partition.
I can't figure out what I'm missing. Please advise.

The Best Answer

What make/model is your hardware, also what RAID controller?
HP DL380/5's have known issues because Oracle uses an unsupported driver.
Its a proliant ml150 g6 server, with a P410i Smart Array Controller.
The controller is the same as mentioned in note 1373817.1, which is probably what you are looking at as well. I've experimented with that solution with no positive results yet.
To see local storage to the VM the disk must be empty. You can not make one large partition on your raid array and use that same partition for your VM installation... and then expect to see the free space available to be used for a repo.
Check out page 49 of the user guide
As long as no partition and data are present the device will be detected as a raw disk. The choice is yours
to use the local disks either to provision logical storage volumes as disks for virtual machines or to install a
storage repository. If you place a storage repository on the local disk, an OCFS2 file system is installed.
You will have to break up your RAID volume into multiple LUNS. You should then be able to see the unused LUNS. I've personally never done this but I do have some SSD drives I use for extending database cache. I can see these drives just fine locally. The key is there can't be a file system on the disks. Oracle VM expects a raw device.
Oh, I shouldn't have said a single partition, as far as partitions go, it's the default layout: /, /boot, swap and free space (it's a single drive as far as RAID goes). Can that work?
Thanks for that info, I might have to reconfigure the RAID as you suggest, I wasn't aware that it must be a raw device, that brings much valued insight :-) Although I should have expected this since VM 2.1 probably works in a similar way, I just never used the VM Manager and didn't study closely.