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Links in dynnamic html text not working?...

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Hi all
I have a dynamic text field, set to format html.
The link that loads in the dynamic text field is:
href="portfolio_template.php?sec=housing%2F&sub=townhouses%2F&pro=rheingold+gardens%2F&st =2&id=5">Rheingold
Gardens receives 2006 Building Brooklyn Award</a>
It does not work.
If I make a very simple link, like:
<a href="">link</a>
It works.
I have seen in the Flash (MX2004) doc that
"<a href> must be a string, up to 128 characters."
My href string is not longer than 128 chars...
What is wrong?...
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The Best Answer

Have tried putting
http:// in front of your link?