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Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
The most recent Novell eDirectory has something called LUM (Linux User Management) that automatically manages UNIX attributes for login. With some simple attribute mappings we have authentication working. All in all, configuring our first workstation took 10 minutes with no schema extensions or anything. Obviously we are missing workgroup manager... so not finished yet
We have a login script that creates a profile and assigns permissions. In the GUI everything appears to be correct with the correct User and Group ownerships. However in the console File System rights show the numeric GID and not the alphanumeric translation from LDAP. The translation works for user in both GUI and console. Anyone any idea what we missed?
Thanks for your help

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Hi Adam,
We ran in to the same scenario, and had to get a custom SSO event delivered by nS professional services.  It's a bit of a pain, as samAccountName can be duplicated across different domains.
We set our BindDN in our LDAP configuration to be the parent domain; and our SSO event does the rest.  Buzz me if you'd like to discuss any further!
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