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Keyboard/trackpad Unresponsive during Windows 7 Install

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I have spent days scouring online forums troubleshooting issues that have arisen at virtually every step of the process. There seems to be a whole slew of issues people are having in addition to my own.
I had to try many workarounds to resolve the issue where Boot Camp 5 gets confused over whether you are installing the 32 or 64 bit version. Really dumb stuff... that should never have released in such a disjointed state.
You shouldn't have to hack such massively mainstream products just to get them to work. I have a job! But installing Microsoft apps is a full-time job itself. Are they out to lunch? Did Apple completely shut down? From what I'm reading they appear completely disengaged from their products. Tons of threads over tasks that should be simple. The slightest variation derails the installation process. It various from mac machine models, right side usb ports vs left side ports. This is a very expensive and time consuming joke being played on us consumers.
I am now CURRENTLY stuck.....
I have a new MacBook Pro 15" retina. I finally ran Boot Camp successfully and I downloaded the Apple Support Software although its location is a mystery. I get stuck at the very first installation window (Windows 7 Premium) asking to select the language. My keyboard and trackpad are unresponsive. I am NOT talking about wireless devices which is an issue flooding other threads.
I have to hold down the power button to get out of it. And after a couple of attempts the entire 5-hour long Boot Camp installation get undone and my Windows designated partition returns to being empty. Is there no pride in their work? Why burden their customers with their problems? Is their only demographic mac geniuses?
I have Windows 7 on dvd which I put on a thumb drive after learning how to convert it to an ISO image, a step MS is apparently too lazy to do.  It took only an hour to do but a full day do discover what the problem was.
None of this would even be an issue if I didn't need Windows. Apple used to be able to run anything on its own. What happened?

The Best Answer

Hi Craig,
Apple advice is to use USB-connected keyboard and mouse during installation of Windows.
+"The drivers for your wireless mouse and keyboard are not installed yet, so you cannot use them. The use of a wired mouse and keyboard is required to install Windows. Once your installation is complete, you can install the Apple Windows drivers off your Mac OS X DVD. Then, pair the wireless mouse and keyboard to your system using the Bluetooth Control Panel."+
Any PC- or Apple- USB keyboard/mouse should work.
If you don't have such try to borrow from a friend or colleague.