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Keyboard drivers usable on non-Apple machines?

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Hello, I want to use the new Apple keyboard (wired, USB 2.0) on a Windows laptop (meaning *non-Apple hardware*). Connecting it is as easy as plugging it in but some keys do not map to anything. My question is: Can I use the Apple keyboard driver with non-Apple hardware? Are there dedicated drivers for non-Apple machines?

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Aluminum Keyboards? Here is what I did...
I took my BootCamp drivers CD and loaded it into a PC notebook, as well as a desktop. It installed way too much stuff. I uninstalled.
Next I loaded the cd and cancelled the auto-install. I looked at the contents from (right-click) "explore". I dragged the Apple drivers into a desktop "new" folder. I recreated the contents of the cd exactly the same but without all the excess hardware drivers and stuff. It installed. I got the keyboard manager and everything. I plugged in the keyboard (wired and wireless - returned the wireless board because I don't like replacing batteries plus the "fn" key was unresponsive) and it works. So does Mighty Mouse (wired).
I forgot to "just try" the keyboard without the BootCamp drivers - maybe it works anyway! I'm happy with it.