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Keep getting an error message when opening a project.

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
When I try to open a project, a box pops up sayin the project appears to be damaged and cannot be opened. WHat can I do to open my project? Why am I getting this mesage?

The Best Answer

Apparently you started this question here in another thread around June 29, 2013 and never followed up on direct questions that would have helped us help you at this time.
I would encourage Hunt to close this thread (I do not have the authority to do that), and have you continue in the thread that you started already. Steve Grisetti, Hunt, and I had all posted in that thread and were waiting for the requested information, Steve Grisetti first or all of the requested information at one time.
Add On...A good look at the original thread seems to indicate that both Steve Grisetti and Hunt suggested the AutoSave try at that time. Did you ever do that? Apparently Hunt is requesting the same AutoSave look again in this thread.