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JTAPI / CTI Connection problems CUCM 9.1.2 and AndTek 4.8.5

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hi All,
we have a problem with JTAPI Connection to AndTek. The colleagues, they use AndTek, can login / logout, but after it, the actual status doesn't change by the others. If they restarts the phones (cable out, cable in), status will be changed. Other solution, restart Callmanager (sometimes the restart of the service "CTI Manager" can help too). 
With AndTek we tried to find the problem, what they found: the phones are losing the connection to the  AndTek service, and Application Users cannot control the phones.
- How can I stay under control, investigate the connection of the JTAPI at side of CUCM
. Which trace / debug can help to find the problem by Application Users

The Best Answer

You can monitor CTIConnectionActive under Performance tab in RTMT for a real-time number of JTAPI connections.
CTIManager SDL traces from CUCM and JTAPI logs from Genesys should help diagnose the exact JTAPI messaging and see what is closing the connection.  There's a keep-alive process as part of JTAPI that Genesys should be using.
Lastly, a packet capture may help if there are network interruptions causing the issue.