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JMS - Unable to connect to a remote server

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
Hi All
I am trying to point my WL7.0 to a JMS QUEUE on ORACLE FUSION WL10.3
I am getting the following error message on myserver.log: (I deleted the port and ip)
<Unable to connect to a remote server on address ### and port ###
with protocol t3. The Exception is Connection refused>
I have seen a post that implied that there is a bug in WL7.0 , but I am not sure that this is the case.
When the JMS queues are on the same server .i.e WL7.0 to WL7.0 it is fine.
Can anyone help ?

The Best Answer

There could be compatibility issues. Refer to "WebLogic Server Compatibility".
Link: []
Are you using a JMS bridge between the two domains?
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