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Hello all,
I am newcomer to J2ME. I am facing following problem.
I am using mmapi. While calling method Manager.createPlayer(String url)
following exception occurs: failed to connectTCP open
at com.sun.mmedia.protocol.CommonDS.getConnection(+385)
at com.sun.mmedia.protocol.BasicDS.connect(+12)
at example.audiodemo.PlayerCanvas.createPlayer(+86)
I have specified url as http://localhost:7001/startup.wav
This link executes fine in browser.
Please help.
Thanks and Regards,

The Best Answer

uddinr0121 wrote:
thanks for the great advice... this is a bug in java
The bug you linked to says it has to do with a shared directory that has spaces in its path. The code you posted has no spaces in the path. That does not sound like the same problem to me.