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Iwork won't open on my new mac?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I have recently got a brand new mac and have installed Iwork which i had on my previous computer. I can see the application on my mac but when i double click on numbers or pages nothing happens. From looking at other posts the icons are the old icons- could this mean i have an old version that doesn't work with my computer? I'm not very 'techie' so am finding it hard to understand how to rectify this problem?? the app store says everything is installed and so i presume up to date? I would really appreciate some help from anyone

The Best Answer

How did you install them? If drag & drop, that won't do the trick. You should have used the Setup Assistant to migrate from the old to new. You might want to start over. See Pondini's Setup New Mac guide.

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