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IWeb app went back to my old website version

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I'm using iWeb 2.0.4
Seems since the MobileMe update of my iWeb, the application restored a very old version of my website.
Because I didn't publish my website since this problem happened, I still have the "new" website version available on the web:
But the one on my iWeb app has nothing to do compare to the one on the net.
I can't imagine to have to entirely re-create my website... :-S
I already had this problem when I upgrated my iWeb to 2.0.3. Which was resolved with the 2.0.4 version.
But now, I do not have any new iWeb 08 upgrade available to eneventually fix this problem.
Does somebody have an idea on how to fix this, so my iWeb application presents me the newest version of my website (the one on the net)?
Thanks a lot!
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The Best Answer

You need to find your domain file for your new site which is located under User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites file.
If you do not have this domain file then you will have to re-create your site.
This is why you need to backup your domain files before altering or updating or upgrading anything to do with iWeb. It is always a good idea, because if you loose them because of it, you have no alternative but to re-build your site.