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ITunes won't sync with my iPod, also cannot access store or account

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Recently I reformatted my hard drive to partition it.  I backed up my data and was able to upload my previous library into iTunes.  However, I noticed certain purchased songs are now missing.  When I attempted to access my iTunes account I was continually prompted for my login information.  I would put in the correct username and password but the prompt window would return again with no change each time.  Similarly when I attempted to check the iTunes store i was met with a blank page.  Uncertain what else to do I plugged in my iPod Touch to sync the songs to the computer from the device.  The device began charging, but not syncing, and no icon to indicate it was even recognized appeared.
I am really stumped as to what the problem is.  I have searched the boards and found solutions to one symptom or another, but not all of them.  I have tried the recommendations for each individual problem but none have worked in any case.  If anyone knows why all these issues are manifesting at once I would greatly appreciate the help.  This is the first time I've ever encountered any real problem with this software and I'm not sure what to do.

The Best Answer

Yes, I've done that.
I should probably be more specific than I was:  I have a ton of music (not purchased from itunes) on my computer.  I copied several CD's worth into itunes, and synced, but the only thing showing up on the iPod are three CD's that I'd purchased with an itunes gift certificate about a year ago.
So the ipod is actually showing music that isn't currently in the itunes folder on my computer but it won't show the stuff that IS in there.