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ITunes will not launch, does reading itunes library and stops

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Repaired itunes a couple of times & no luck. Installed fresh itunes download, installs itunes, does reading itunes library and stops.  Plug in iphone 5s & ipad, does reading itunes library and stops, no luck. What's up with the program?

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Bill Marcy wrote:
As a side note, because you seem much more knowledgeable than I, is there some way to clone your settings and then reinstall them after wiping and reinstalling the OS?
you could use e.g. _*Carbon Copy Cloner*_ to clone your current system to an external HD, then use +setup assistant+ (which launches when you start up the freshly installed OS for the 1st time) to migrate user account and network settings from the clone.
that should not bring over any corrupted file (hopefully).
you can use the instructions in [this|] user tip. i would recommend not to migrate applications and +other files and folders+ but re-install 3rd party software manually (one by one) and do the same for all other data.
here's a helpful thread: _*where important data is stored*_ (one correction to this link: iCal data is stored in ~/library/calendars).
as for your iTunes library, with the clone connected, copy the entire iTunes folder (not just the iTunes music folder) from <MacintoshHD>/users/<yourname>/music on the clone to <MacintoshHD>/users/<yourname>/music on the new install.