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ITunes Playlist Main file disappears!!!! Alarm

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Since I updated to 7.6.1.(9), 2 times this wk when I opened iTunes, it gave me a message, about a problem with the playlist, and turns out that the file containing all the info, folders, playlists, play counts, etc., etc., got erased or corrupted, and I end up having to re-import my music, but now there is not grading, no play count etc., everything is lost.
I can add to the new playlist all the files, they are still there but it is very annoying to have to deal with this.
Does anybody know what is causing this???
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I wish I could tell you why it happened, but I can tell you how to help prevent future issues. I have so much stuff and so many playlists that having to recreate them will take days if I have to start over. In your itunes folder on your home drive (regardless of where you keep your music) back up the itunes library document (has the little note on it) and the itunes library xml document (has a text icon). Replacing these in the event of corruption will restore your settings. They're small in size, about 10-20 mb total.
Good luck with the fix--hope someone else can help!