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ITunes has encountered a problem and needs to close -launching problem

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I got this message after I downloaded and installed iTunes 7. It occurs when I try to launch iTunes. I get the same message when I tried to download an older version as well. I have tried to delete and reinstall it and it doesn't help. Any ideas?

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Quick Time says I have a newer version and closes the setup. I don't have any version. I have deleted everything QuickTime. I have deleted everything Itune or Apple. I have cleaned my cache, corrected the registry, virus scanned, spyware scanned, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing works.
okay, let's also check to see if there's installation configuration information from the previous attempts to install QT lurking about on that PC.
download and install the Windows Installer CleanUp utility. check to see if there are any entries for QuickTime. if you find any, remove them with CleanUp:
Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
on some PCs, the QT standalone installer seems to be interpreting the version of QT 7.1.3 that came with the iTunes as a later version. so let's try this alternate technique for getting a QT back into the PC.
restart the PC. head to Add/Remove programs and select itunes. click "Change", and then click "Repair".
does the repair install of itunes drop a fresh QT 7.1.3 on the PC? if so, restart the PC and try launching itunes.